We have just started our 10th year doing B&B at Spillers Farm.  It has me wondering how many thousands of people Keith and I have met over those years.  We reckon that with the B&B, holiday cottage and caravan site we must have met at least 50 people per week since we started. That got me thinking about the Six Degrees of Separation: you know the theory that you are connected to everyone in the world by just six degrees.  If you only knew the connections you could be just six steps away from everyone from the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon to serial biter Luis Suarez. I started thinking about the connections we have made since we started the B&B.  In our early days we had an actor stay here who had played Jake Moon on Eastenders about 10 years ago.  So let's play Six Degrees:  Me, Jake Moon, Ross Kemp, Rebekah Brookes, Rupert Murdoch, David Cameron.  Hmm, you can meet some quite unsavoury characters playing this game. A couple of years ago we had a chap called Ian staying here.  Ian is a Theatre Director and he was then directing Moonlight Tango (the spin off show of Vincent Simone and Flavia Cacacae from Strictly Come Dancing fame). So, here's for round two of Six Degrees..... Me, Ian, Vincent, Natalie Cassidy, Ross Kemp... Hang on.... we seem to be going down a cul-de-sac here. 

Finally last month we had a lovely lady called Janis Kelly stay for a few days. She's a gifted musician and her music is worth listening to - here's a link to her website www.janis-kelly.com.  Whilst we were chatting with her she mentioned that her ex-husband used to be in a band with Prince .  So for one final round here's Six Degrees.... me, Janis, her ex-husband, Prince.  I am only four leaps away from the marvellously glittery world that Prince inhabits.  It's nice to think that when my life feels a little less than glamourous that I'm actually quite close to such a lovely star-studded glittery world.  And so, by reading this blog, are you!