I can hardly believe it, but yesterday 25th May 2015 marked our 10 year anniversary at Spillers Farm.  We moved in on 25th May 2005 and although it doesn't quite seem like yesterday it doesn't feel like 10 years have passed either.  

In that time I've seen enormous changes.  Personally, I've turned from something of a city girl - someone who wouldn't go near a pig and couldn't walk through a field because she was scared of cows - into a committed countryphile. I even tried to hug a cow the other day, but it just kept walking away from me. 

I've also become someone who is passionate about the origins of her food.  Dedicatedly self-sufficient these days I try to make as much as I can from original ingredients: jams, chutneys, soups, sauces, you'll find no processed jars or tins in my cupboards. And, as regular readers will know Keith and I are also Compassionate Carnivores - we can't eat an animal we haven't met. We've also benefitted for the last 10 years from home grown vegetables, and what a difference there is in taste from the supermarket version.  

In the past 10 years we've also seen a lot of changes to our Spillers Farm 'family'.  Merryck who is now 12, arrived with us and thankfully is still here.  As our Meeter and Greeter, he deserves a long-service medal and although he still trots down the path these days to meet people he does it a little more slowly these days.  Sila arrived as a kitten from our neighbouring farm about two months' after we moved in and as our Pest Control Officer she is still a fairly formidable mouser.  

Others of course have come and gone.  Sadly, we no longer have any resident Trotters.  Rodders (Rodney), DelBoy, two Raquels, Cassandra (the lovely Cassie) and (everyone's favourite) Marlene are fondly remembered.  Between them they must have produced well over 100 piglets (Cassie alone had 68). Also gone but not forgotten is my lovely pet sheep PFS (Pretty Fluffy Sheep) who continues at the foot of our bed as PFR (Pretty Fluffy Rug)! Poultry:  In terms of longevity mention must go to Kellogg whom we have had since 2008 and Limpy whom I think was hatched here in 2006. Kellogg  is beginning to look a little past his prime but he still keeps a tidy hen house and is still my alarm clock. Limpy (so called because she broke a leg and now limps a bit) is a remarkable old girl who we didn't think would last the Winter when she broke her leg.  It must be at least six years later and she's still with us. 

And, dear reader, we must also thank you for your continued support of Spillers Farm.  Thanks to your kind reviews we have recently been inducted into the TripAdvisor Hall of Fame, a select group of hotels and B&Bs that have achieved Certificates of Excellence for five consective years. 

So, it's been the most marvellous 10 years.  What will the next 10 years bring?!