I was sent a very interesting photo today completely out of the blue by a gentleman called Nigel Carter.  Nigel's family used to own Spillers and he had un-earthed a photo of the house in the 1940's and thought I would be interested.  I was interested and indeed fascinated to see how much (and how little) had changed.  

Nigel's great-great grandfather bought Spillers at an auction in 1916 for £1075.  (It had been expected to raise £400!) It was then known as the Veterinary Infirmary and it was sold with various outbuildings, borders and 12 acres of land. Nigel's grandfather took over running the farm in 1931 when he married and Nigel's father was born here.  The Carter family sold it in 1951.

I've included two other pictures in this blog: one from when we bought the farm at the end of 2004 and one taken today. They show some of the cosmetic changes we have made but it's clearly the same house in every shot.  Spillers was built in the 1860's.  I'd love to know its complete history.  If anyone out there knows anything please get in touch!