Did you see Hugh's War on Waste on BBC1 on Monday night?  If you didn't please do me a favour and catch it on iPlayer.  I know I'm very biased towards Hugh F-W and feel he can do no wrong, but the man is a campaigning genius.  I love the way he takes on the institutions that control the way we eat.  He is one of the most sensible voices in the food industry and over the past ten years he's brought freedome to chickens wit his Chicken Out campaign; made us think about how fish are caught with his Fish Fight and now he's tackling the supermarkets who throw away millions of tonnes of vegetables because THEY say WE won't eat imperfect fruit and veg!

Over the past decade Keith and I have become pretty self-sufficient in our fruit and vegetable growing. In that time I've eaten tonnes of wonky carrots, lumpy parsnips, spotty apples, overly-long beans and weird looking strawberries. I haven't bought supermarket fruit and veg for years.  In fact I am a bit loathe to, because it looks so unreal. It's all a bit too perfect for my liking.  It looks like it's been made in a factory rather than a natural product which has come from the earth.  And, I'm still here, thus proving that a parsnip that's imperfect won't harm you.

The supermarkets tell producers to discard all the fruit and veg which is imperfect claiming that we won't eat it.  Rubbish!  Everyone I've spoken to would hve no objection to eat vegetables which will taste just as good even though they've grown a bit funny. As a nation we throw away hundreds of tonnes of food daily because of this stupidity, all the more ridiculous in a time of austerity when people are relying on food banks in ever greater numbers. 

If you also think this is ridiculous and the supermarkets should change their policy then join me, Keith, Hugh and thousands of others in his #wastenot campaign.  Sign the petition on www.wastenotuk.com and becom a waste hater like me!!