Our first 4 weeks at Spillers Farm has flown by. We have had the usual turmoil that accompanies every home move - lots of boxes to unpack and not knowing where everything goes or how it is all going to fit in. Christmas is also rapidly approaching with presents to buy, food to prepare and a large family gathering planned on Christmas Eve. And our first Holiday Cottage guests arrive on the 23rd December. There is an endless list of things to do but challenging and fun at the same time. Gin and Tonic time has never looked so welcoming.

Looking back over the months since we first set eyes on Spillers farm and wondering what solicitors actually do,we finally exchanged contracts and the rest is now history and we feel honoured to be the new custodians of Spillers Farm.Bridget and Keith have been very supportive as we find our feet and in the New Year we will be planning future projects. At the moment, even the cold sunny winter days and clear night sky reminds us why we fell in love with Spillers Farm and the lifestyle that it comes with.

Meeting the chickens and ducks was our first priority. It did not take long for us to get used to each other and the chickens to realise where the next meal comes from. The ducks still tend to be a bit stand offish but they too throw caution to the wind come feeding time. We are at least getting used to each other and getting some eggs in exchange for the food.


Ripple, our new Border Collie, joined the team at the age of 7 weeks and spends most of his time chewing furniture, but he is gradually getting to grips with life on the farm and is settling in fast. He does have a strong urge to round up the chickens but the chickens don’t seem too phased by a pint sized dog. Give it a few more month Ripple!

Despite the hectic initial period of organising ourselves and settling in, we still manage to find some time to enjoy the landscape, views and local attractions. We even found time to enjoy a meal at the River Cottage HQ which was spectacular. Their whole approach is very open and inspiring and the River Cottage ethos is definitely what we are aspiring to emulate.