We are well and truly into the flow of life at Spillers Farm and finding that there are not enough hours in the day.

Trotters Bottomrenovationhas finally been completed and our new piglets have arrived and have settled nicely into their new home. We hope they appreciate the new paint job - sunglasses on standby in case of sensitive eyes. We have undertaken some fencing repairs so that they have the freedom to root and explore outside without inadvertently wandering off to market.

Spring Lambing was also a first for us. We leant a helping hand to our neighbour as the first of her lambs started to arrive and what an experience it was. This is most definitely nature’s way of telling us that spring is well and truly on the way.

Renovation of our caravan site is taking shape with new electrical hook-ups and a state of the art chemical toilet disposal point being installed. Sit on mower has been repaired and serviced and is ready to roar into action – my new toy until the novelty wears off.

Rippleis growing rapidly and has certainly taking a liking to his new farm pals and into farming life in general. This is a perfect environment for a dog especially a border collie with oodles of energy. Digging holes and snoozing by the Aga are just part of his repertoire.

B&B rooms and Cottage are gradually being upgraded which will continue as we get feedback and ideas from our guests. Superior room now has a king size bed and Twin and Double rooms now have their own fridges. Cottage has been spruced up with a touch of paint, new curtains throughout and a new leather three piece suite.

Vegetable patch is being organised and a Polly Tunnel is being sourced. This is one area which we are keen to develop on the road to self-sufficiency and I am sure there will be lots of lessons to learn over the coming weeks –to paraphrase Thomas Edison: we won’t fail, but we will probably learn lots of ways how not to do things.

Looking back over the last few weeks it’s amazing how quickly things are moving on. Our to-do list is forever growing as we think of more projects that we want to explore – one thing for sure is that we are never bored. All of our guests have been wonderful and we continuously feel re-energised when we receive their positive feedback on what we are trying to achieve.

Next on the list is to get the caravan site up and running, get up to speed on the vegetables and fruit areas and spend some more time with the ducks and hens as well as taking time out to explore the local area now that the weather is rapidly improving.