A year ago, on a wet and gloomy day in late November, we took our first steps into a whole new world of experience– a lifestyle which we had previously only dreamed about. As the nights are drawing in, we are at last finding time to reflecton our first year as small holders and B&B proprietors and what our aspirations are for the future.

Our to-do list is forever growing and evolving as we gain confidence and become more experienced and knowledgeable of life on a smallholding.Sometimes we do get over enthusiastic and our aspirations of what we want to achieve by far exceeds the number of hours in the day. But one thing is for sure – we are never bored.
Over the next few blogs we will be sharing with you some of our many experiences,during our first year, that we are particularly proud of and how we see Spillers Farm developing over the coming months.

Farm House B&B

One of the most rewarding aspects of running a B&B in such an amazing location is that we get to meet so many wonderful and genuine people and we cannot thank them enough for the support and encouragement that they continuously provide.

We are gradually working through a programme of upgrades in the farmhouse and have recently introduced an integrated smoke detector system as well as oak doors,which apart from improvingthe farmhouse aesthetic qualities, also meet the fire and safety expectations of our local enforcement officer – letter of compliance duly received and appreciated.

We have also been awarded the top 5 star Food Hygiene Rating by the Food Standard Agency which was much appreciated by Ripple as he is very particular about what he eats on the farm.

We are also very pleased with the feedback from guests who have enjoyed their stay at Spiller Farm and as a result of their generosity have been awarded the 2016 Certificate of Excellence from Tripadvisor and the “Top Rated” 9.4 rating from Booking.com - we are still proud to be the No. 1 B&B in Musbury.

Over the winter month we will be planning more upgrades to ensure that Spillers Farm continues to offer excellent value to our guests.
Rubbing Shoulders with Celebrities

The world famous Turin Brakes took over our B&B when they came down to Devonto perform at the River Cottage Spring Fair and insisted on having their photo taken with the world famous Spillers Farm Border Collie, Ripple who quite enjoys rubbing shoulders with celebrities but would prefer celebrities to rub his tummy.

We have also continued our special arrangement with Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s River Cottage, with our exclusive B&B / dining offer package which combines a fabulous three course meal for two at the River Cottage Canteen with a bed and breakfast stopover in one of Spillers Farms luxurious rooms.

Until our next blog, we would like to wish our followers a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.